Aeris Aviation

Welcome to the finest flight club in the industry today – Aeris Aviation!

Click on the video to the right and enjoy a little of what Aeris Aviation does best – flying aircraft for the enjoyment and exhilaration of flight!

And if you think this is fun then you are ready for the real thing – take your first step in becoming an aviator and book a Test Drive now!

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The Hanger

The stunningly designed Aeris Aviation Hanger is the centerpiece of this amazing flight club facility. And it should be! You need something special to house the range of contemporary aircraft in the Aeris Fleet – from the futuristic design of the Diamond DA-20 and DA-40 to the latest iteration of the workhorse Cessna 172.

These horses need fine stables and the Aeris Aviation Hanger offers the best accommodations in the industry today.

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The Club

Affordable Luxury…

The soul of Aeris Aviation is our magnificent 5,000 sq ft clubhouse. This elegantly designed space is the physical manifestation of Aeris Aviation’s vision – a community of passionate aviation enthusiasts.

Whether you are a novice, a seasoned professional or just someone who loves to be around aircraft, you will find like-minded members to bond with in an atmosphere and environment unique in the aviation industry.

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Learn To Fly!

Wondering where to Begin?

What is Aeris Aviation?

Aeris Aviation was developed by pilots for pilots with a vision of offering luxury aircraft at an affordable prices.

Aeris Aviation sets a new standard for the next generation of flight clubs.


  • AerisFull
    • AerisFull

      Full Membership at Aeris Aviation

      If your dream has always been to fly an aircraft, you are one step away from making that dream come true.

      Aeris Avation’s Full Membership is specifically designed with you in mind.

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  • AerisDay
    • AerisDay

      Daily Club Membership

      AerisDay Membeship gives you access to the most exciting flight club in the aviation industry, even if you are only in town for a little while.

      Don’t let your inability to commit to a full time membership be the reason you fail to experience a flight club that is nothing short of revolutionary.

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  • AerisLimited
    • AerisLimited

      Limited Membership at Aeris Aviation

      Aeris Aviation welcomes non-flying enthusiasts who are passionate about the heritage of aviation and wish to be involved in what is happening in aviation today, as well as established pilots who have their own aircraft and want to contribute to the building of this dynamic aviation community.

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